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Beverley Johnson


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Patterns of Time

Paintings and photographs inspired by the passage of time

My work is about surfaces weathered by time, such as the bark of a tree, a rock face, walls, fences and doors.


Over time, surfaces gain layers. Moss grows on bark, lichen creeps over stone, doors are given a new lick of paint. People spray graffiti and stick notices on walls. The layers build up, becoming richer and deeper. Then wind, rain and human hands work on the surfaces again. Paint fades, posters fall, and notices are torn from walls. A surface becomes a fascinating blend of past and present.


In my paintings and photographs, I try to capture the story of these surfaces. My work is abstract but there is a human connection. Time and experiences leave their marks on us too. We age and weather and show the traces of all that has happened to us.

Current Exhibition

Natura Inspiratus, Meise Botanic Gardens, Nieuwelaan 38, 1860 Meise, Belgium

1 May - 30 September 2024 


"We are one hundred percent happy with the painting we bought. It's bringing light and sun into a darker room."

"I love my purchases."

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