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For many years I worked as a journalist. I went out, conducted research and wrote about my discoveries. My artwork is an extension of this practice. It is still about seeking and recording, only now I use a camera rather than a notebook and I interpret my findings as paintings.

The camera helps me explore my surroundings. By being playful with focus, focal point and zoom, I find new details and angles that are not immediately obvious to the naked eye. Sometimes a photo works in its own right, and sometimes it invites further development as a painting.

Common threads in my work are colour and texture, particularly on surfaces affected by the passage of time. I look for these elements when out in nature, for example in the bark of a tree, in moss and lichen spreading over rocks, or ripples on a lake. They are also present in our urban environment, in a crumbling wall, in rust eating into corrugated iron or paint peeling off a weathered door. It’s especially pleasing to put together contrasting surfaces – the rough next to the smooth, the old beside the new and the organic alongside something man-made.

In paintings I bring out these elements using acrylic, oil and spray paints, collage, sand

and lava particles. Frequently I include drawing elements and may scrape or sand away paint to reveal colour and marks underneath.

Taking photos and creating paintings gives me enormous pleasure. Through my work I hope to share with others my delight in the visual world.


Beverley Johnson grew up near London and studied in Paris and Tübingen, before eventually settling in Belgium.

She has graduated from studies in drawing, photography and painting at BKO art school in Overijse, Belgium, and attended a course in painting with expression at Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland. She is now completing a specialisation in painting at BKO. She has exhibited in Belgium and the UK, and has photos and paintings in collections in Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, the UK and the US.


Beverley was awarded an honourable mention (eervolle vermelding) for her painting Reflections on a forest 2 in the Furament 2017 competition

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2019

This summer my painting, Greenery, was selected for the Royal Academy in London's Summer Exhibition. Very honoured to have my painting on show in this prestigious exhibition in the Royal Academy's beautiful building on Piccadilly. 

Enquiries about my work can be made at: 00 32 496 552787; email: