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Welcome to my website. I hope you enjoy browsing the artwork. If you would like to enquire about my work or to arrange a studio visit, please feel free to contact me. I have a lovely, bright studio in the centre of Tervuren, Belgium, and would be delighted to give you a tour. 


GSM: 00 32 496 552787

About my work

I am a painter and photographer living and working in Tervuren, Belgium.


My work is about surfaces weathered by time. These may include the bark of a tree, a rock face, walls, fences and doors, even the surface of a gravestone or leaf.

Over time, surfaces gain layers. Moss grows on tree bark, lichen creeps over stone, doors are given a new lick of paint. People spray graffiti and stick posters and notices on walls. The layers build up, becoming richer and deeper. Then wind, rain and human hands work on the surfaces again. Paint fades and cracks, bark splits, posters fall, and notices are torn from walls. As the layers underneath are revealed, a surface becomes a fascinating blend of the past and present.

I take close-up photographs of these surfaces, seeking small compositions in the details - a mini landscape etched in the traces left by the passage of weather and time. Each surface suggests its own story.

Some photos work in their right. Others invite further development as a painting. In this case, I use the photo as a starting point but then allow the painting to evolve freely.

My work is abstract but there is also a human connection. Time and our experiences leave their marks on us too. We age and weather and show the traces of all that has happened to us.

IMG_6979 (004).jpg

About me

I grew up near London and studied languages in Nottingham, Paris and Tübingen, before eventually settling in Belgium.

I have graduated from studies in drawing, painting and photography at BKO Academy of Art in Overijse, Belgium, finishing with a specialisation in painting. In 2010 I attended a course in painting with expression at Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland. I have exhibited in Belgium and the UK, and have photos and paintings in collections in Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, the UK and the US.


My painting, Greenery, was selected for the Royal Academy in London's Summer Exhibition 2019.


Selected Exhibitions

2024 Natura Inspiratus, Royal Botanica Gardens, Meise

2024 Affordable Art Fair Brussels

2023 Group Show, Art Tervuren, Warandepoort Tervuren

2023 Solo Show, Nederlandse Vereniging, Tervruren

2023 Group Show, Paperwork, Green Door Gallery, Brussels

2022 Solo Show, Patterns of Time, Green Door Gallery       

2022 Atelier in Beeld, Tervuren

2021 Through a Woman's Eye, Eliseka Gallery, Hasselt

2021 Art Tervuren, Warandepoort, Tervuren

2020 BKO Special, de Bosuil, Jezus Eik

2019 Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts, London

2018 From Lens to Brush, de Bosuil, Jezus Eik

2016 Art Shopping Woluwe, Brussels

Gallery Images

Green Door Gallery, Brussels

Solo Show

Patterns of Time 

27 October - 13 November 2022

Warandepoort 4.jpg
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