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1 May - 30 September 2024
Meise Botanical Gardens
Nieuwelaan 38, 1869 Meise


Natura Greenhouse interior.jpg

Natura Inspiratus is a group exhibition that takes place every two years at the National Botanical Gardens at Meise, Belgium. Forty artists are each allocated a location in the gardens and asked to develop an artwork specifically for it. My space is in the Tropical Wetlands greenhouse.


The photos in the Plantenpaleis series are inspired by reflections in the ponds in the greenhouse. These reflections are of the plants and the metal structure of the greenhouse, which combine together to make fascinating abstract forms.


I have taken the photos on my iPhone, which also illuminates shapes in the depth of the water. This adds to the mysterious quality of the images. The iPhone can take photos in a format that is longer and thinner than traditional photos. This format appealed to me for the series.


Finding these abstract details and taking photos of them is a slow, peaceful and meditative process. I hope viewers will enjoy the beauty and stillness in the images.

During the exhibition, the photos will be displayed in the Tropical Wetlands greenhouse and outside, around a tree stump at the bottom of the Island Garden.

When you visit the botanical gardens between May and September, you will be given a plan of the gardens with details of the artists and their locations. Take a special walk, enjoying the beautiful gardens and the artwork. You can find more details about the exhibition here.

If you are interested in purchasing any of my photos, please contact me at or send me a quick text at +32496552787. 

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